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Logic Model

Please find, below, the current draft of the logic model for the IMLS-funded project: "A New Way of Seeing: Building Capacity Through the Lens of Inclusivity." This project supports staff, board, volunteer, and docent DEAI (diversity, equity, accessibility, and inclusion) capacity building.

The logic model is a way to capture the goals and desired outcomes of this project. It will also inform the upcoming equity audit, workshops and training, and public programs. Additionally, it will serve as a framework for ongoing project evaluation.

A big thank you to everyone who participated in one of the logic model workshops or drop-in sessions. So many useful additions to the outputs and outcomes were contributed in those sessions. Every attempt has been made to include the input provided by board and staff members in this draft, while also combining similar ideas into themes so that the logic model remains on one page and capture the overall essence of key project goals. If you feel your individual contributions are not represented in this draft, please contact Kate Livingston, the project's external evaluator, at

The project team welcomes your additional feedback on this logic model through January 22, 2021.

After that date, a final logic model will be produced and shared on this webpage.

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The logic model is available as downloadable PDF. Please use the "comments" feature on the PDF to add your edits, ideas, and additions. 

If you prefer, you can view and make comments on a downloadable MS Word version.

When you have added your edits, ideas, and additions, please save your version and email it as an attachment to the project's external evaluator, Kate Livingston, at


Again, please send all feedback before close of business on January 22, 2021. 

If you are interested in reviewing the slides from the Logic Model workshop, they are available as a PDF here. (Note, these are the abbreviated slides used in the staff drop-in sessions, January 2021.)

Thank you for your input and ideas! 

Ongoing Project Feedback

As the grant’s evaluator, Kate Livingston will be working with us to measure how we meet our goals through various means. One of these is a form to be used throughout the grant to share your feedback or ideas for making the project most effective.


You can use this form to reflect on how the project is going so far, share successes and/or challenges along the way, offer compliments and/or concerns, or offer feedback and suggestions at any time. You can decide to share this feedback anonymously or use your name.


Please feel free to provide your comments to Kate at any point in the project.

To do so, please use the ongoing feedback form here.

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